Svipja's Offset Practice

Our Offset Practice helps high-tech Defence and Aerospace Industry in offset projects. www.svipja.com/ refers.

We also empanel Offset Consultants with Industry knowledge in A & D. You could fill Your 'Resume' on http://www.svipja.com/careers.php , or 'Join as a Consultant' on www.indiandefenceindustry.com/


Steps in Our Offset Process

Step 1: Acquaint Yourself first on Offset business. Please visit www.IndianDefenceIndustry.com , its connected Blogs and www.svipja.com in addition to other subject matter elsewhere. Offset Partnership and projects go thru rigorous 'Due Diligence' / 'Gate Reviews' by Vendors / Obligors.

Step 2: Register online on www.IndianDefenceIndustry.com using Internet Explorer to be part of the database of the Defence Industry. We are developing a consortium of MSMEs globally with India focus for them to participate in Aerospace and Defence direct and indirect Offset Projects.

Step 3: Obtain Industrial License, if required.We take Advisory on Products / Services to target, Capacity Creation, JV and Capital tructure incl FDI & Technology Agreements, etc.

Step 4: Become Industrial Sector Partner (ISP) of Svipja / India. We will guide the ISP firms go through qualified vendor registration process for Supply Chains of aerospace & defence firms.

Some of these steps could be attempted concurrently.


1. Yearly Membership Fee for Registering on the Site and using e-Marketplace Engine for Buying/Selling, and accessing Info System, is as indicated in Tariffs on the Site. Fee is variable.

2. Separate Fee for Offset Consulting / Industrial Co-operation would apply. Contact svipja@gmail.com for further details.

3. Addl Fee will apply in case of market research, study and other services.


1. Svipja provides guidance to the Indian ISP on project suitability and document/plan preparation for the Gate Review Process, and it's Presentation as required.

2. Svipja does not take responsibility for offset fund allotment to ISPs. This is decided by A &D Major Company based on the capability of the ISP to meet the needs of the A & D Major.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MMRCA Deal a Shot in the Arm for Industry

The impending $12 billion contract to buy 126 Medium Multi Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) by the defence ministry from Dassault, is set to be a game changer for the Indian aerospace and defence industries with about $6 billion worth of offset contracts expected to flow to Indian companies.

This deal, as and when signed, ensures that Dassault along with its two major suppliers Thales and Safran Group would place offset contracts on Indian vendors amounting to minimum of 50 per cent of the value which in this case could be $6 billion and this obligation would be co-terminus with fulfillment, which is 12 years span.

With this, new technology absorption, world class facilities, adaptation of cutting edge processes, systems and the skilled manpower would create a formidable ecosystem for India to compete in the global marketplace.

Of the $6 billion in offset money flowing into India, about 50 per cent is likely to be spent on manpower. On an average of $20,000 per man year, this would mean 150,000 man years of new jobs in the defence aerospace industry. This would translate into 5,000 jobs in the3rd year and stabilize at 20,000 jobs in the ninth year. Also, all support services like maintenance, training and logistics have to be provided by Indian industries with the technology and know-how of Dassault, Thales and Safran for the next 40 years. This could create an additional 4,000 jobs. And more……

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Indian MMRA Competition Declares Dassault Rafale as L1

"The French firm Dassault Rafale has emerged as the L-1 (lowest bidder) and cheaper than its European rival EADS (maker of Eurofighter) in the tender and will be offered to supply the aircraft to the IAF."

French company Dassault Rafale today qualified to bag India's contract for supplying 126 combat ac for the IAF.

Dassault Rafale as the lowest bidder, is likely to get the contract under India's Defence Procurement Procedure. Further negotiations are likely to move with Dassault in this deal.