Svipja's Offset Practice

Our Offset Practice helps high-tech Defence and Aerospace Industry in offset projects. www.svipja.com/ refers.

We also empanel Offset Consultants with Industry knowledge in A & D. You could fill Your 'Resume' on http://www.svipja.com/careers.php , or 'Join as a Consultant' on www.indiandefenceindustry.com/


Steps in Our Offset Process

Step 1: Acquaint Yourself first on Offset business. Please visit www.IndianDefenceIndustry.com , its connected Blogs and www.svipja.com in addition to other subject matter elsewhere. Offset Partnership and projects go thru rigorous 'Due Diligence' / 'Gate Reviews' by Vendors / Obligors.

Step 2: Register online on www.IndianDefenceIndustry.com using Internet Explorer to be part of the database of the Defence Industry. We are developing a consortium of MSMEs globally with India focus for them to participate in Aerospace and Defence direct and indirect Offset Projects.

Step 3: Obtain Industrial License, if required.We take Advisory on Products / Services to target, Capacity Creation, JV and Capital tructure incl FDI & Technology Agreements, etc.

Step 4: Become Industrial Sector Partner (ISP) of Svipja / India. We will guide the ISP firms go through qualified vendor registration process for Supply Chains of aerospace & defence firms.

Some of these steps could be attempted concurrently.


1. Yearly Membership Fee for Registering on the Site and using e-Marketplace Engine for Buying/Selling, and accessing Info System, is as indicated in Tariffs on the Site. Fee is variable.

2. Separate Fee for Offset Consulting / Industrial Co-operation would apply. Contact svipja@gmail.com for further details.

3. Addl Fee will apply in case of market research, study and other services.


1. Svipja provides guidance to the Indian ISP on project suitability and document/plan preparation for the Gate Review Process, and it's Presentation as required.

2. Svipja does not take responsibility for offset fund allotment to ISPs. This is decided by A &D Major Company based on the capability of the ISP to meet the needs of the A & D Major.


Friday, May 23, 2008

TTT Svipja JV, USA, for Offset Projects

TTT Svipja Defense & Aerospace Development Company (TSDADC) established on May 07, 2008, a 50:50 JV, based in Tucson, Arizona/USA between Tucson Trasatlantic Trade Inc. Holding Group, USA, http://www.ttthg.com/ and Svipja Technologies, will support development of JVs, Offsets, TTs, e-Procurement, etc, globally with India focus.

Tucson Transatlantic Trade Inc. (TTT) Holding Group, Tucson, Arizona/USA

Started in 1985 as Tucson Transatlantic Trade to service the interests of banks and economic development agencies in Belgium and the Netherlands, in locating fast growing USA technology firms interested in their European HQs in the Benelux countries, TTT quickly grew into a firm specializing in serving the Offset Program needs of the McDonnell Douglas Aerospace (now Boeing) Company, and its Tier I/II/III global Supplier Base. Over the years this has led to intensive TTT cooperation with other major Southwestern USA technology leaders on similar programs: Northrop Grumman/TRW, GE, Honeywell/Allied Signal, Raytheon, Intel and Motorola.

In the late 1980's, TTT increasingly migrated to technology development and transfer between USA and developed countries in Europe and Asia, followed in the early 1990's by establishment of trade and joint venture links with Central, East and Southeast Europe, India, Mexico and, since 2000, throughout Africa.

With a special focus on high/intermediate/appropriate technologies dealing with physical infrastructure development, and learning the intricacies of global cultural, political and economic differences, TTT Inc has participated in more than 200 different business projects and established 30+ Joint Venture partnerships with companies of various size and in different industry sectors worldwide.

In the process TTT has learned to carry out sophisticated 'Due Diligence' on dozens of business services, products, patents and technologies. TTT projects range from new market evaluation/development to joint venture evaluation/structuring, to development and/or introduction of new technology and/or services and business models.

Today, TTT offers its partners access to an international customer base of almost 6,500 companies with particular strength in the key Southwestern USA States and Northern Mexico.

TSDADC, the USA JV, will initially promote the 3 web-portals developed by Svipja to their customer base of 6500+ globally, and expand co-operation in other areas progressively:

1. http://www.svipja.com/ / http://www.defenceoffsetsindia.com/
http://www.freemarketsdefence.com/ / http://www.indiandefenceindustry.com/
3. http://www.indiandefenceindustry.blogspot.com/

TSDADC Offerings

1. Offset Programs

For nearly 20 years, TTT has assisted MSMEs from Belgium, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Finland, Germany and Spain to qualify for participation in Offset Projects associated with the US Majors. In the past 5 years, this has been extended to firms from Former Soviet Union nations that have become members of the European Union and/or NATO, ie Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. It has also been extended to Taiwan and the Philippines.

TSDADC brings expertise of Offset Programs to India.

2. System Integration Program(s)

With a special focus on India Aerospace, Defense & Homeland Security Sectors, TSDADC & Svipja Web Portals will offer any Aerospace & Defense firm globally the opportunity to structure:

  • JVs: All Types for Co-development and Co-production.
  • Offset Projects.
  • e-Procurement.

3. High - Tech Co-operation

TSDADC will also offer High - Tech Co-operation in the areas of expertise of TTT Inc, USA. http://www.ttthg.com/ refers.

For further information, pse contact:

India: svipja@airtelmail.in
USA: aavila@ttthg.com

Brigadier (Retired) Sukhwindar Singh

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Defence Offsets India: Strategic Thoughts

I feel that we should:

1. Permit offset banking. Will encourage Prime Contractors to invest in projects of relevance for India with long gestation period. And also Provide 'X Factor' of more than one in technologies relevant to India in short-term for credit.

2. Permit Indirect Offsets in Dual-Usage Sectors of strategic relevance to India.

3. ‘High-Tech, High-Worth, Knowledge-Based’ incubation are in Start-Ups & MSMEs. Would be more so in future. At least 40% of the offset funds be targeted for investment in such units. Large Enterprises tend to be ‘wasteful’. They must grow ‘organically’, or seek funds from the FIs.

4. ‘Defence Offsets India Fund’, if created, would help in better Control & Management.

5 . We must accept offsets both in ‘Cash & Kind’.

6. Prevent Leakages.

7. ‘Multi-Expertise’ Agency to manage Defence Offsets.

8. See through 'lobbying'.

These thoughts could help.

We could fine-tune Indian Offset Policy as we gain experience ; at least every 2-3 years.

Brigadier (Retired) Sukhwindar Singh